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Internet Auctions on Consignment

Got some things cluttering up the house or garage that you don't need or want anymore? You could have a garage sale. That means gathering everything up, pricing it, organizing it, advertising it in the paper and spending an entire weekend sitting around while complete strangers come to your home and scrounge around. Or, you could sell it in the classified section of the paper. Of course, then you have to buy the ad, and answer phone calls at all hours of the day and night for a week after it's finally been sold.

Now there's a better way. Our internet auctions on consignment provide a fun and easy way to sell your stuff. Any stuff. Anything (within reason) that can be shipped by UPS can be sold online, and the best part is we do all the work for you. We start by photographing your items and preparing listings. Then we upload the information and start a sale on eBay, the world's foremost internet auction house. Each listing is monitored and revised, if necessary, to promote the highest possible sale price. We answer any questions potential buyers have and once the sale is completed, we collect payment from the customer (your buyers can even pay instantly by credit card or automatic electronic funds transfer). Once payment has been received, we ship your stuff to the buyer and cut you a check for the sale price less our consignment fee. It really is that easy!

Wondering about the fees? Here's how it works. You can list your item for free. That's right, no cost at all. Our fee is based on the selling price of your item as follows:

25% of the sale price for items that sell for less than $50
22.5% of the sale price for items that sell between $50-$200
20% of the sale price for items that sell for more than $200

Keep in mind that your items will probably sell for much more in an internet auction. This is because your stuff will be seen by people all over North America who are looking specifically for the things you have to sell. In many cases, an internet auction means more profit for you even after the consignment fee is paid.

It costs you nothing to list your items, so contact us with a description of what you have to sell, and let's get started!

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*PLEASE NOTE: Our eBay User ID is "ckoaks", not "ckdg".